UX & UI Design


I led the UI design for this Apple Watch and iPhone application. The Apple Watch portion was developed in direct collaboration with Apple Headquarters, to showcase the watch’s new accelerometer functionality. The app design was spotlighted both in Apple’s 2015 WWDC presentation and on Apple.com.

The PING app included the following key functionalities:

Golf Workout with Apple Watch
This section of the app allowed users to include golf in their exercise data. Harnessing the power and simplicity of the Apple Watch, users could record their workout information while practicing on the range or playing the course. They could track their heart rate, step count, and calories burned. They could also create a digital scorecard from their watch that they could access from their iPhones after their golf rounds were complete.

Putting Improvement with iPING
This portion of the app allowed users to measure their consistency to determine their Putting Handicap (PHcp). It also alowed them to practice key elements of their putting stroke, including impact angle and tempo, with the goal of improving their consistency. PING’s core belief is that a more consistent stroke will ultimately help golfers hole more putts on greens.